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PT. lnovasi Global Mumpuni is talented and disruptive network and security change maker, ISO 27001 lead auditor and consultant, results-driven IT leader with versatile, cross-platform experience in systems/ network architecture, BCP and infrastructure. Skilled at troubleshooting and assessing client needs, recommending strategies that enhance efficiency and maximize ROI, implementing cutting-edge technology solutions, and expertise at IT diverse products top reserve support for end users. . We empower your business with TechConnect Solutions' innovative IT system integration services. Boost efficiency & connectivity today!   

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We are Connecting the World

At inglom, our mission is to bring the best  IT solution that connects people and businesses more easy 

around the world, creating a shared plan for a better future.

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Changing the world through networking is possible. We’ve done it before.

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Providing network solutions

Planning, design and implementation of innovative

solutions for every business timing and vision. MPLS Applications & Traffic Enginering Segment Routing (SR, SRv6, SRTE)Service  Provider Mobility Solution (5G, Wireless BGP, QoS, IPV6, Multicast SDN NFV Design and Implementation NFV Network Analysis and Optimisation 

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Network Services

Our network services and cloud solutions are designed to have a minimum impact on the planet while making a positive impact on the local community.

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Cloud Solutions

We offer advisory Cloud services to determine IT

readiness for application-centric infrastructures,

preparation for new services, migration and simplification

of operations.

Data Centre Design and Implementation

Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI)

OpenStack, Data Centre Security and Load Balancers & Application Delivery (F5, A10) 

Help us connect people and businesses for a better future

Join us and make the world a more connected place.